HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 87

“You’ve had days,” Angela said. “Your parents need you now.”

“Are you really going to lecture me about family responsibility?” Genesis asked.

“No,” Angela said. “I just….”

She sighed and plopped down on the couch. A grenade exploded on the screen and the words “You Died” appeared in big red letters. Angela handed the lily to Genesis.

“I prefer roses,” Genesis said.

Angela pointed her index finger at the flower and its petals turned red.

“Huh,” Genesis muttered.

She set her controller aside and stared at the flower. Angela waved her hand and a kaleidoscope of colors washed over the petals.

“So why don’t you want to go to the funeral?” Angela asked.

“I can’t handle it,” Genesis replied. “I’m going to fall apart the moment I set foot in that church. I don’t want them to see me like that.”

“I don’t think anybody will judge you for that,” Angela said. “It’s a funeral. Everyone’s going to be sad.”

“It’s not just sadness, Angie,” Genesis said.

“I know that,” Angela said. “I saw it, remember?”

“Yeah, but you still haven’t seen me at my worst,” Genesis said. “Not by a long shot.”

“Look, I get it,” Angela said. “You don’t want them to find out you have a problem. I’m sure I’d feel the same way in your position. But I know it would mean a lot to your father if you were there today.”

Genesis half-chuckled.

“You read his mind or something?” she asked.

“I didn’t have to,” Angela replied.

Genesis sighed and heaved herself off the couch. She stood with her back to Angela for a while, twirling the flower between her fingers.

“Okay,” she said finally. “But you’re coming with me.”