HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 89

Genesis headed up the stairs and around the house. Angela stopped beside Dominick.

“Sorry,” she said. “It’s the only way I could convince her.”

“I was going to invite you anyway,” he said. “Thank you.”

Angela smiled and followed after Genesis.

“So you actually decided to grace us with your presence,” a woman said. “I was starting to think we’d have to show up at the church by ourselves.”

The woman was standing in the driveway wearing a conservative black dress. She looked a lot like Genesis, but older and with slightly lighter skin. Her dark brown hair was tied back in a bun. She turned toward Angela.

“And you must be the mystery girl we’ve been hearing about,” she said.

“Mom, this is Angela,” Genesis said. “Angela, meet The Professor.”

“Marta,” Genesis’s mother said, shaking Angela’s hand. “I assume we have you to thank for getting her out of the basement?”

“I guess so,” Angela replied.

“Well, at least she listens to someone,” Marta said.

“Sometimes,” Angela said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Genesis said.

She hooked her arm under Angela’s and they walked together toward Genesis’s car.

“You can ride with us, if you like,” Dominick said.

“Nah,” Genesis said. “We’ll meet you there.”

She slid behind the wheel and Angela climbed into the passenger side. Genesis started the car but didn’t hit the gas. She just stared straight ahead, gripping the wheel so tightly Angela could see the veins in Genesis’s arms.

“You okay?” Angela asked.

“No,” Genesis replied, and took a deep breath. “Fuck.”

She grabbed the keys and stepped out of the car.

“Come on,” she said.

She marched over to her parents’ silver hatchback and slumped into the back seat. Angela sat beside her. Genesis grabbed Angela’s hand and squeezed.