HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 9

A woman appeared in her mind’s eye. Beautiful, elegant, but with the air of a trickster. Her hair shifted constantly, changing color and style as she sauntered closer and—

Angela yanked the curtains closed. She squeezed her eyes shut and backed away. The mental image was already fading, but a throbbing pain took its place, starting in her temples and quickly shooting down her spine.

She doubled over, dropping to her knees. The pain intensified, spreading out across her shoulder blades. She felt as if her skin were about to split open. And then it did.


Angela must have passed out, because when she opened her eyes again, she was lying facedown on the floor and the pain had subsided to a dull ache in the back of her neck.

She grabbed the edge of her chair and pulled herself up. She felt a bit wobbly, like gravity was having an off day. She hobbled to the bathroom and splashed some water into her face, but it didn’t help. She looked up into the mirror and….


She had wings.

Big, veiny wings, just like the guy outside had. They rose as she inhaled and fell as she exhaled. She reached back over her shoulder and touched one. She felt it, the tingling pressure of fingers against her flesh.

She ran out to the living room and threw the curtains open. The window washer was gone, and she couldn’t see any sign of him elsewhere on this side of the building, either. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window and pulled the curtains shut again.

She started pacing around the room. With every passing moment, she became more aware of sensation in her wings, like a limb that had recently been slept on. Pretty soon, she could even will them to move.

Eventually she managed to get them to fold against her back like a little cape. She grabbed a coat from her closet and carefully pulled it on over the wings. Her skin was still tender where they came out, but it was manageable.