Frederica Osbourne took one last look around her bedroom to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything important. She hugged her parents, said goodbye to her twin sister, and stepped through the swirling black vortex in the middle of the room.

She stepped out of the portal into her dorm room at VCU. The place was a mess of boxes and scattered clothes. Her half-sister, Angela, stood by the door. Angela was in her early thirties, shorter and curvier than Frederica, but they had the same frizzy, strawberry-blond hair.

“Got everything?”

“Yeah,” Frederica replied.

“Cool,” Angela said. “Then may I officially bid you welcome to Victory City. Hope you enjoy your stay.”

She did a little bow and waved her hand. The portal vanished.

“When are you going to teach me that?” Frederica asked.

“When you’re a little older. I promised Dad and Harriet that I’d wait.”

Frederica flopped back onto the bed. Death metal blared distantly from another room.

“It’s not fair,” she pouted. “They’re letting Jo go all the way to Europe by herself, but I can’t have one little power?”

“What’s unfair is that you can fly but your sister can’t,” Angela said. “Just give it some time. You don’t need to do everything all at once.”