HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 100

Frederica looked up Keating Autobody and found their hours listed as eight to six. Too late to stop by tonight, so she took off into the sky and flew back to Griffith’s apartment. She looked around for motorcycles or anyone resembling Gertrude before heading upstairs. Darren was hard at work on his computer while his boyfriend, William, read a book on the sofa.

“Is Griff home?” she asked.

“He just hopped into the shower,” Darren said. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some company.”

He glanced back and winked. Frederica rolled her eyes. She turned and headed for Griffith’s bedroom. She hesitated at the door, listening to the sound of the shower running down the hall.

“Screw it,” she muttered, and stepped into the bathroom.


In the morning, Frederica split herself into half a dozen identical duplicates and headed off in as many directions. When they were spread out as far as the power would allow, she collapsed her selves into a single body and turned invisible. She slipped down into a metro station and caught a train heading west.

She parked herself in a restaurant across the street from Keating Autobody and just watched for a while. She was a little early, but within half an hour Gertrude arrived to open the shop. The boy from the Facebook photos was with her. He didn’t look happy to be there.

Frederica couldn’t see much inside the shop from here. She needed a reason to go in and ask questions. The direct approach was too much of a risk without knowing what kind of relationship the sisters had. Her best bet would be to go in as a customer. But she’d need a car for that.

She took out her phone and texted Tommy.

“I have a slightly unusual favor to ask.”


The car pulled up to the curb a few blocks from the auto shop. Frederica climbed into the passenger seat and shapeshifted into a Japanese girl from her Cross-Dimensional Anthropology class. Tommy raised an eyebrow.

“Pretend I’m your sister,” she said.