HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 127

“Maybe you should,” the woman said. “Might save you a bit of angst in the long run.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when he actually starts talking to me again,” Frederica said

The woman raised an eyebrow.

“The plot thickens.”

“It’s not what you think,” Frederica said. “He… got hurt recently. Nothing serious, just a broken bone. But it’s limited his mobility and I think his ego took a hit. You know, seeing me like this?”

She gestured to the air beneath her feet.

“Ah, yes, male insecurity,” the woman said. “You’d think they’d have found a cure for that by now.”

Frederica laughed.

“I wish,” she said. “In my case, I’m just giving him some space until he realizes what an idiot he’s being.”

“Just make sure he works for it,” the woman said. “When he comes crawling back, make him grovel a little. Not too much, just enough for to teach him a lesson.”

Frederica smiled and said, “That I can do.”

“Good girl,” the woman replied. “Anyway, I’ve got customers in need of coffee. It was nice meeting you…?”


“Ronnie,” the woman said.

She shifted her bag onto one shoulder and thrust out her right hand. Frederica shook it. Ronnie had a powerful grip, but Frederica matched it pound for pound. Ronnie grinned.

“You’re an interesting person, Frederica,” she said. “I hope we run into each other again someday.”

Then she dove headfirst toward the hotel and entered through the penthouse. Frederica lingered a while longer, then flew back to VCU. But instead of stopping, she soared right over the campus and took off toward the suburbs.

She landed in front of Angela’s duplex and rang the bell. Genesis answered the door, and a bemused smile slid across her face when she saw Frederica. She was dressed in a plain tank top and boxers, her green-tipped hair bundled loosely atop her head.