HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 131

“Oh, you know I am,” she said, and clinked Frederica’s drink. “Cheers.”


Frederica and Nila staggered out of Valhalla sometime after midnight and wandered down the sidewalk in the general direction of campus. The whole night was a blur but Frederica had a blast. All the tension was gone from her body and she felt free at last.

“Why is it so far?” Nila whined after barely a block. “I can’t even feel my feet anymore.”

Frederica laughed. She turned away from Nila and bent down a little.

“Here, climb on up.”

“What, are you gonna do your kaiju thing?” Nila asked, miming a monster stomping through a city.

“Even better,” Frederica replied. “Come on.”

“If you insist,” Nila said.

She put her arms around Frederica’s neck and Frederica held onto Nila’s legs.

“Just hold tight,” Frederica said. “And don’t throw up.”

“I make… no promises,” Nila said, swallowing hard.

Frederica floated off the ground. She barely felt Nila’s weight at all; it was like wearing a mostly-empty backpack. The two of them rose twenty feet, fifty feet, a hundred. The city fell beneath them as they drifted between skyscrapers. Nila gasped.

“This is what you see every day?” Nila asked.

“Yep,” Frederica replied. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Spectacular,” Nila said. “I hope I’m not too drunk to remember this tomorrow.”

“I’ll be sure to refresh your memory,” Frederica said.

She dropped into a dive, weaving between buildings. Nila shrieked and whooped with laughter as if she were on a roller coaster. Frederica did a barrel roll over the VCU campus then doubled back. She touched down in front of the dorm. Nila hopped to the ground, nearly falling on her face before Frederica caught her by the arm.

“Oh my god,” Nila said, still laughing. “This was the best night ever.”