HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 18

Magh checked her schedule.

“Introduction to Super-Criminology,” she said. “You?”

“Cross-Dimensional Anthropology,” Frederica said. “Guess I’m not going to be much help this morning. We can still go over things afterward, though, if you’re confused about anything.”

“Wait, so you’re, like, translating stuff for her?” Nila asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Frederica replied. “Why?”

“Dude, that’s brilliant!” Nila said. “Do you have any idea how many international and intergalactic students are enrolled here? You could make mad bank offering out your services as an interpreter.”

“I’m just helping a friend,” Frederica said. “I’m not looking to start a business.”

“Too bad,” Nila said. “You’re basically a living, breathing Rosetta Stone. That’s almost cooler than being able to fly.”

“You can fly?” Magh asked.

“I can do lots of things,” Frederica replied. “Fly, move things with my mind, burst into flames, control technology, make copies of….”

She trailed off.

“Make copies of what?” Nila said.

Frederica grinned.

“I have a stupid idea.”


One Frederica sat in Professor Carmen MacNeil’s Cross-Dimensional Anthropology class, while another sat next to Magh two floors up. Frederica only half-listened to Magh’s lecture, devoting the majority of her attention to the tall woman with strawberry blond hair at the front of her own class.

“The Multiverse.” Carmen drew a series of circles on the whiteboard. “An infinity of parallel earths, all different from our own in one way or another. Some worlds contain technology you couldn’t possibly imagine, while others are still stuck in the Middle Ages. We can learn a lot about our world by exploring what we do and don’t share with our interdimensional counterparts. That’s what this course is about.”