HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 182

Frederica checked her phone again. One minute left. She hoped everything was going smoothly for Leigh in the basement; their timing needed to be perfect for this to work.


Frederica jumped. On the other side of the room, the door began to open. She reached out and held it shut telekinetically. The door beeped again as whoever was on the other side swiped their keycard again. She held as tightly as she could on the door; it didn’t budge.

Eventually she heard a man swearing and stomping off down the hall. Frederica exhaled and looked at her phone. Five seconds. Four. Three.

She pressed her hands against the server cabinets.

Two. One.

A surge of electricity flowed from her fingertips and into the server, instantaneously frying every circuit in every motherboard from one end of the row to the other. The stink of melting plastic filled her nostrils and it smelled like victory.

It took a few seconds for the sprinklers to kick in. It was already too late. The smoke alarm started blaring and footsteps rushed back up the hall. Frederica turned invisible as a middle-aged man in a grey cardigan burst into the room. The look of panic on his face was priceless.

Frederica slipped out the door behind the technician, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her. She slipped into an empty office and phased through the wall, floating down into the alley next to the building. She turned invisible again and hurried off down the sidewalk.

Leigh’s truck was parked around the block but there was no sign of Leigh, herself. Frederica looked back; she couldn’t see the building from here so she had no idea if Leigh actually made it out. The plan was to bail if anyone got caught, but she couldn’t just leave Leigh with those people. She decided to wait just one more minute, then she would go back in.

“Whatcha looking at?” said a voice in her ear.

“Jesus!” Frederica snapped, spinning to face Leigh. “Don’t do that!”