HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 222

“Looking forward to it,” Melody said. “It was nice meeting you, Griff. This has been very illuminating.”

“Likewise,” he said, and they shook hands.

Frederica gave Griffith a hug and they made their way back down the hall.

“Do you really think I’m mean?” Melody asked.

Frederica winked and replied, “I didn’t say it was a bad thing.”

“Well… I’ll keep that in mind next time you complain,” Melody said.

They returned to the lobby and bought tickets and a large bag of popcorn to share and found a pair of secluded seats in the back row. The movie was an old Japanese revenge thriller from the 1970s so the audience was small, mostly film geeks. Frederica recognized a few from Griffith’s class.

She couldn’t focus on the subtitles. She kept getting distracted and stealing glances at Melody, her face cast in shadows by the light of the screen. So instead Frederica summoned up what knowledge of Japanese she’d absorbed from people over the years so she could understand the dialogue without reading.

When the popcorn was gone, they held hands on the armrest. Then Melody kissed Frederica on the neck and they spent the final act of the movie making out, occasionally coming up for air during the action scenes.

They were still holding hands when the credits rolled and they headed back to the lobby. Frederica nodded at Chris on the way out of the building and they smiled back.

“That was really good,” Melody said when they stepped onto the sidewalk.

“Yeah,” Frederica replied. “The movie was alright too.”

Melody chuckled and squeezed Frederica’s hand.

“Hey, do you want to go to the park?” Melody asked.

She started drifting toward the sky. Frederica floated with her, heading south. Victorious Park sat in the middle of downtown, a great green sprawl in a sea of grey concrete. They touched down near the outskirts and just walked for a while, not really saying much, not really needing to.