HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 266

“Well, yeah,” Ozzie said. “They can’t fly all the way up into orbit in those suits.”

“Then that would mean that Va’el is here, too, right?” Frederica said.

“Probably,” Ozzie said. “I doubt they’d have had time to drop her off while they were chasing me. Why? What are you getting at?”

“I was just thinking… if we can figure out where they’re hiding,” Frederica said, “then maybe we could go break her out now while they’re resting instead of spending the next twenty-four hours tiring ourselves out waiting for Ji-soo.”

Everyone just stared at Frederica for a long moment.

“That’s a terrible idea,” Ozzie said. “Me and Kay are completely vulnerable. You and Melody will be too if they hit you with one of these implants. We’re all going to end up getting arrested.”

“It’s going to happen anyway at this rate,” Frederica said. “I doubt they’ll just give up on us after you get away.”

“They might,” Ozzie said, but didn’t sound certain of it.

“I think it’s worth a shot,” Melody said.

“Hell, I’m in,” Kay said. “I mean, I technically used to be a bank robber, so this is nothing.”

“Seriously?” Melody asked, raising an eyebrow in Frederica’s direction.

“Seriously,” Frederica replied. “I’ve got a lot of criminals in the family, it turns out.”

“I was really only the getaway driver,” Kay said.

“Did you get into any car chases?” Melody asked.

“A few,” he replied. “This one time—”

“Can we focus, please?” Ozzie said. “Even if I agreed to this plan, how exactly do we find the ship?”

“I have an idea about that, actually,” Frederica said. “When I tapped into the implant last night, I felt energy flowing through it. But there was something else, too, so far in the background that I barely noticed. It was like… a signal, bouncing back and forth.”

She focused her technopath abilities on the power suppressor and found the signal again, stronger than before.