HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 331

Josephine looked Magh up and down. One of Tommy’s hoodies hung loosely on Magh’s shoulders, almost reaching her knees. Her hair had grown out a bit since the summer but she still kept it shorter than she used to. Pale blue highlights—Nila’s idea—streaked through the white.

“Oh dang,” Josephine said. “You’ve changed.”

“A little,” Magh replied, glancing away.

“I like it,” Josephine said.

Magh blushed.

“Thank you,” she said.

“She’s a wizard now, too,” Frederica said.

“Only an apprentice,” Magh corrected.

“Still, pretty cool, right?” Frederica said.

“Very cool,” Josephine said. “So… can you turn Fred into a frog?”

“Probably,” Magh said. “But transfiguration spells are easier to cast than they are to reverse. So I might not be able to turn her back.”

“That’s okay,” Josephine said. “Green would be a good look for her.”

“I don’t know,” Melody said, sliding a hand around Frederica’s waist. “I’ve heard it’s not easy. You know, being—”

“We got it,” Frederica said. “Nobody’s turning anybody into anything.”

Josephine sighed.

Fine,” she said, then winked at Magh. “We’ll talk later.”

The back door opened and Molly stepped inside, six feet tall again. Her clothes had accumulated a thick layer of dust and sweat plastered her hair to her forehead.

“Well, I found the nest,” she said. “It’s a good thing you caught it early. I can get started right away, but you might want to clear out for a bit. It’s easier to do this when I’m not at risk of being stepped on.”

“Sure, we can do that,” Frederica said. “I’ll just let Nila know that—”

“Way ahead of you,” Nila said, coming down the stairs fully dressed.