HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 340

Melody nudged Sam with her elbow.

“Show her your stuff,” she said.

“She doesn’t want to look at that in the middle of her own show,” Sam replied.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all,” Bridget said. “Let’s see.”

“Well… okay,” Sam said, and dug out their phone. “These are my most recent.”

They loaded up a folder of photos and handed the phone to Bridget. As she scrolled through, Bridget asked questions and made references to other artists and pieces.

Frederica couldn’t really follow the conversation, so she looked up into Bridget’s eyes. Her own eyes grew warm and the gallery around her shifted into shades of red. She squeezed her eyes shut until the heat subsided.

“You okay, Frederica?” Melody asked.

“I think so,” Frederica replied.

She opened her eyes tentatively. The red was already fading.

“Heat vision,” Sam said.

“What?” Frederica asked.

“That’s what her—”

“Aunt Bridget!”

A little redhaired girl, no older than nine or ten, came running in through the door. Bridget bent and scooped the girl up into her arms and hugged her tight.

“Hey, Max,” Bridget said, lowering the kid back to the floor. “Where’s your mom?”

“Parking the car,” Max replied. “She dropped me off.”

“Well, what do you say I show you around a bit while we wait for her?” Bridget asked.

“Sure,” Max said.

Bridget smiled and turned back to Sam. She handed them a business card.

“Send me an email sometime,” she said. “I’d love to hear more about your work.”

“I… I will,” Sam stammered.