HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 35

Magh smiled again.

“You will,” she said. “I know it.”

“Yeah, I hope so,” Frederica said.

She proofed the rest of the article, correcting some grammar here and there and offering a few more suggestions. When she was finished, Magh thanked her profusely and hurried off to finish the revisions before deadline, leaving Frederica alone in her dorm room.

She slumped down in front of her computer and double-clicked the folder labeled “blah”. A dozen half-finished articles popped up on her screen. Every one of them had started out so promising, but then the leads dried up, or she didn’t have enough evidence to back up her claims, or she couldn’t find the right angle. There was always something.

She closed the folder and loaded up Akkraemyth. Yuki, Frederica’s half-elf rogue, spawned on the continent of Kal Tirna. She checked to see if Tommy was online, but there was no sign of him. So instead she plunged into an old dwarven mine and spent the evening fighting the horrors that lurked in the depths.


In the morning, Frederica had breakfast with Nila and headed to class. She tried to keep a low profile at the back of the room, but it was hard with Magh beside her. Cyrus leaned against the front row of desks and stared straight at Magh.

“So I hear you have a new piece coming up in this week’s Review,” he said. “How many does that make it now?”

“Uh… three,” Magh replied.

Cyrus smiled.

“Very impressive.” He stepped back and addressed the class. “The key to a good story is finding the humanity—for lack of a better word—at the heart of it. I would recommend reading Magh’s work for an example of what that looks like.”

Magh’s skin darkened a couple shades and she stared at her hands. Cyrus returned to his desk to start today’s lecture. Frederica glanced at Magh, withdrawn but grinning, and found herself feeling… annoyed.

“Are… you okay?” Magh asked, peering up at Frederica.