HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 350

A game board sat on the table, covered with pieces representing characters from Akkraemyth. It took Frederica a moment to realize that they were playing chess. They were so engrossed in the game that they didn’t even look up as she approached.

“Why are you playing that here?” Frederica asked. “Don’t you have homes?”

Angela shrugged.

“It’s sort of a tradition,” she replied. “We’ve been doing this for years.”

“And I still haven’t beaten her,” Leigh said. “I keep trying to convince her to compete professionally but she’s all hung up on shit like ‘ethics’ and ‘not cheating’. So boring.”

Angela rolled her eyes and glanced up at Frederica.

“Do you remember Leigh?” she asked. “It’s been a while since you last saw each other.”

“Not as long as you might think,” Frederica said.

“What do you mean?” Angela asked.

“We had a bit of an adventure earlier this year,” Leigh replied. “A little B&E, a little industrial sabotage. Nothing major.”

Angela rubbed her forehead.

“Leigh, I swear if you get my sister arrested—”

“Relax,” Leigh said. “Fred can take care of herself. And from what I hear, trouble has a way of finding her, with or without my involvement.”

She winked at Frederica.

“She’s not wrong,” Frederica said.

“Suppose I can’t argue with that,” Angela said. “So what did you want to see me about?”

Frederica bit her lip.

“Well… the thing is….”

“I can go if you want privacy,” Leigh said.

“No, that’s fine,” Frederica replied.

She took a deep breath and split herself into two bodies. Then she shapeshifted, changing one body into Angela and the other in Leigh. Leigh’s eyes widened and Angela bolted from her chair, almost knocking it over.