HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 376

“So… should we head inside?” Sam asked.

“Why don’t we take the scenic route instead?” Frederica replied.

She turned and bent her knees. Sam climbed onto her back, laughing. Then the two of them flew up the side of the building and touched down on the roof, next to the penthouse. Frederica could see Melody on the couch, watching some old action movie on television.

“Do you want some privacy?” Sam asked.

“Nah, let’s go together,” Frederica replied.

She knocked on the glass door. Melody started and turned toward them. She gestured for them to enter. Frederica grabbed Sam’s hand and phased through the door. Melody raised an eyebrow, shifting her gaze between the two of them.

“Hey, um, I want to apologize,” Frederica said. “I’m sorry I made you think I was mad at you. I wasn’t trying to push you away or anything. I just didn’t want to put you in the position of having to choose who to hang out with.”

Melody smiled, chuckled.

“You dummy,” she said. “I wanted to hang out with you both. I wanted my two best friends to finally get to know each other.”

“Well, mission accomplished, I guess,” Frederica said, glancing at Sam. “Nothing like a little breaking and entering to bring two people together.”

“That does seem to be your go-to bonding experience,” Melody said. “So what happened this time?”

“I’ll explain later,” Sam replied. “For now I just want to put today behind me.”

They slumped down on the couch beside Melody and Frederica sat on the other side. On television, someone threw a pipe bomb at a motorcycle during a car chase.

“What are we watching?” Sam asked.

Terminator,” Melody replied.

Sam and Frederica made eye contact then burst out laughing.

“What?” Melody said. “I don’t get it.”