HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 386

Frederica rolled her eyes.

“Can’t you two control yourselves for one day?” she said.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Josephine and Nila both said simultaneously.

“Ugh,” Frederica muttered. “You really are perfect for each other.”

She turned away and nearly ran into Tommy. She started to step past him, then hesitated.

“Hey, um, I just wanted to say I’m really glad you’re here,” she said. “When we were kids I always thought we’d go on all sorts of adventures together in the future but now I never seem to have as much time for you as I’d hoped. And… I’m sorry if you’ve ever felt left out.”

“I’ve never felt that way,” Tommy said, and glanced over at Magh. “Besides, I wouldn’t want things to have happened any differently.”

“Fair enough,” Frederica said. “You know, I’ll always cherish what we had, and what we continue to have. And I’ll be rooting for you, no matter what comes next.”

“Thanks,” he said. “I feel the same.”

He hugged her, resting his chin on her forehead for a moment, then followed Magh into their bedroom. Frederica joined Melody in the next room over. It was a quaint little room; wooden floors, a wardrobe in the corner, fireplace at the foot of the bed. Melody leaned against the wall, thumbs hooked in the pockets of her jeans. Frederica shut the door and glanced down at the dress in her arms.

“Could you… turn around for a second?” she asked.

Melody chuckled.

“You know I’ve already seen you naked, right?”

“Just humor me.”

Melody rolled her eyes and turned away. Frederica took off her clothes and slipped into the dress. It fit perfectly, never too snug or too loose. It flowed down to her ankles and the sleeves reached her wrists. And it had pockets! She duplicated herself to lace up the back, then merged back into a single body.

“You can look now,” she said.