HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 388

“Like the spell you cast that one time?” Nila asked.

“Exactly,” Magh replied. “These will last much longer than the spell, though. As long as I recharge them on occasion, you’ll be able to keep using them when we get back to Earth.”

“That’s so awesome,” Nila said, taking one of the pendants. “You’re the best, Magh.”

“I don’t know if it’ll work for me,” Josephine said. “My power will probably just cancel it out.”

“Only one way to find out,” Nila said, nudging Josephine with her elbow.

Josephine rolled her eyes and took a pendant.

“If I fall, you’d better catch me,” she said.

“Count on it,” Nila replied.

She draped one pendant around Josephine’s neck and Josephine returned the favor. Then the two of them floated off the floor. Josephine’s eyes widened and a grin spread across her face, ear to ear. Frederica suppressed a smirk.

“Don’t say a word,” Josephine said, jabbing her index finger toward Frederica.

“I wasn’t going to,” Frederica replied.

Magh turned to Tommy and handed him a pendant before donning the last one herself. He put his on and rose into the air. He flailed a bit until Magh took his hand.

“I feel like we should be singing ‘A Whole New World’ or something,” he said.

“What’s that?” Magh asked.

“It’s… from a movie,” he replied. “I’ll show you when we get home.”

“Come on, guys,” Nila said. “I want to fly.”

She opened the door and drifted out with Josephine in tow. Magh and Tommy followed. He bumped his forehead on the doorframe on the way out. Melody chuckled.


She took Frederica’s hand and floated outside. The tavern fell away beneath them. Frederica hung back, watching her sister soar through the air like a natural. Tommy was clumsier at it, but endearing in his own way.