HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 39

“Neat trick,” Griffith said. “You should teach it to me sometime.”

“Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can learn,” Frederica said. “At least, not without my powers, anyway.”

“That’s too bad,” he said. “These things really get in the way sometimes.”

Frederica nodded, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to look up at him. A cool breeze raised goosebumps across her back where the wings had torn through her shirt.

“I should go change before class,” she said, and turned for the dorm.

“Hey, Fred?”

She glanced back.

“There’s this group on campus,” he said. “Bunch of us fliers who get together and, well, fly. You should check it out sometime.”

“I’ll… think about it.”

She stepped up to the door and pulled it open.

“We’re called the Barnstormers!” he called out after her.

She turned, nodded, and hurried inside. She didn’t stop until she was back upstairs and reaching for her door.

“What happened to your shirt?”

She glanced back and saw Nila leaning against the wall.


“Fred, did someone hurt you?” Nila asked.

“What?” Frederica said. “No! I just….”

She sighed and thought about Griffith. The wings sprouted from her back again, a little less painfully this time. Her feathers brushed the wall as she turned to face Nila.

“Holy shit!” Nila said. “You… You… Where the hell did you get those?”

“From a boy I just met.”

“Oh?” Nila raised an eyebrow. “Is he cute?”

Frederica looked down at the floor.


“I need to hear all about this,” Nila said. “Tonight?”

“Okay,” Frederica said.