HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 40

She stepped into her room and took off her shirt. The back was shredded beyond repair. She would have to be more careful when (or if) she used this power again. She tossed the shirt at the trashcan and put on a new one.

On her way to class, she took out her phone and looked up the Barnstormers on Facebook. She found them under the name “Victory City University Barnstorming Society”. They had an event coming up on the weekend.

She clicked through to the group’s member list and found him: Griffith Pryce. His profile picture was a selfie taken in mid-air, wind whipping through his hair and the corner of his lip curled up in a wry smile.

She stood just outside the classroom, peering in. Magh was already sitting in their usual spot. She noticed Frederica at the door and waved. Frederica waved back, but didn’t step inside just yet. She stared at her phone, at Griffith’s blue eyes staring up at her.

She returned to the group page and tapped “Join”.


Frederica woke early Saturday morning and made her way to Victorious Park. She remembered coming here with Tommy once, years ago. She’d been showing off her newfound powers when she accidentally knocked down a hornet’s nest. She and Angela had just barely managed to fend off the swarm with telekinesis.

The Barnstormers were gathered in a clearing off one of the park’s main paths. There were as many as a dozen of them, a few with wings, some without, a couple with what looked like jetpacks. Griffith stood in the middle, stretching his crimson wings into the air. He looked over at Frederica and smiled.

“Hey!” he said. “Glad you could make it!”

He stepped to the front of the group as she approached.

“Well, I didn’t have anything else to do today,” she said, staring down at the grass.

“Goddammit!” someone snapped.

One of the jetpack owners, a young man with light brown skin and a frosted fauxhawk, flung a screwdriver to the ground and sank back into the grass.

“What’s wrong?” a girl with butterfly wings asked.