HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 413

Kay plunged into the building and the door swung shut behind him. Past Frederica raised an eyebrow. Her future self shrugged.

“He tries to stay out of trouble these days,” she said. “We’ve had a few too many close calls over the years.”

“Like that time we had to rescue him from space cops,” Future Josephine added.

“The Zopheri Enforcers are going to come back?” Past Frederica asked. “When?”

“Soon enough,” Future Frederica replied cryptically.

“You can’t be more specific?”

“If I could, I already would have.”

Past Josephine cleared her throat.

“So is there a reason you guys ambushed us here?” she asked. “I mean, other than showing off how amazing I’m going to look in thirty years?”

“Hell, what more do you need?” Future Josephine replied, running a hand over her shaved head—bioluminescent tattoos sparked to life along her scalp.

Future Frederica rolled her eyes.

“Honestly, we’re just here for a family dinner,” she said. “I didn’t know for sure that tonight was that night until I saw you two creeping around the parking lot.”

“She wears the same outfit every time we get together just in case,” Future Josephine said.

“I do not,” Future Frederica said. “Anyway, you should get back to Tommy and Magh’s place. Dee will be coming back soon and she’ll be pissed if you’re not there when she does.”

“Cheers, kiddos,” Future Josephine said.

The two of them turned toward the restaurant.

“Wait, that’s it?” Past Josephine asked. “Don’t you have any advice for us? Any wisdom you want to pass down to your younger selves? Mistakes to avoid? That kind of thing?”

“Does this look like a woman who’s learned from her mistakes?” Future Frederica said.

She jerked a thumb toward her sister and received a punch in return.