HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 422

Magh reached forward, squeezing her daughter’s shoulder. Dee took a deep breath and climbed out of the car. Frederica floated off the seat and returned to normal size on her way out the door. As she touched down on the grass, she realized they were in Victorious Park. Tommy stepped out beside her.

“Remember when we came here when we were kids?” he said. “You accidentally knocked down a hornets’ nest while showing off your powers.”

“Not my finest moment, admittedly,” Frederica said. “But in my defense, I was trying to impress a boy.”

“And he was impressed,” Tommy replied with a smile. “Though to be honest it was never your powers that made you special.”

“Ugh,” Josephine groaned. “I’m so glad you two never actually got together. I don’t think I could’ve stomached being around you.”

“He found a better match anyway,” Frederica said, winking at Magh.

“Enough chatter,” Dee said. “Everybody, get into position.”

She waved her wand and five lights appeared on the grass, arranged in a square with one light in the middle. Danu moved to the central point while Frederica, Josephine, Magh, and Tommy stood at the corners. Dee circled around them, making slight adjustments to the way they were standing. Finally she approached her younger self.

“You remember everything I taught you, right?” Dee asked.

“I… I think so,” Danu replied. “I’m scared.”

“You’ll do fine,” Dee said.

“We’ll be right beside you the whole time,” Tommy said.

“That’s right,” Magh said.

Dee stepped back and raised her wand.

“I’ll create a barrier to contain the effects of the spell,” she said, and glanced at Danu. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Danu took a deep breath, then nodded. Dee waved her wand. A bubble appeared around the other five. Danu began moving her wand in a complex series of gestures and chanting in a flowing, musical language.