HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 423

Frederica watched Magh the whole time: fists clenched, body tense, eyes fixed on the ground. Frederica reached out telekineteically and squeezed Magh’s hand. Magh looked up and forced a smile.

A green glow formed at the tip of Danu’s wand and spread up her arm, across her chest. Soon the light enveloped every inch of the girl’s body, so bright Frederica had to shield her eyes. Then, quicker than it had appeared, the glow faded. Frederica looked around; they were still in the park, still in the the future. Josephine glanced back at Dee.

“It didn’t—”

An explosion of light filled the bubble. Frederica felt that familiar sensation of falling and flying, being yanked in several directions all at once. She didn’t fight it this time, just closed her eyes and let the magic carry her where she needed to go. When the light disappeared again again, she opened her eyes.

She was back in Verden, and everybody was right where she’d left them, looking shocked and confused. Teth and Illuyanka, Orna and Lizbeth, Carmen and Nila. And Melody. Frederica ran to her girlfriend in the blink of an eye and twirled her around, held her tight.

“What the hell just happened?” Melody asked as Frederica set her back down on the grass. “You disappeared for, like, ten minutes and we didn’t know where you went.”

“It was longer than that, actually,” Frederica said. “We went to—”

“Um, who’s that?” Nila asked, staring at Danu, who was looking as confused as everyone else.

Frederica glanced at her sister, at Tommy and Magh.

“That’s Dee,” Josephine said. “Or it will be.”

“Time travel,” Carmen muttered. “I should have known. When she approached me all those decades ago, she seemed like she already knew me. I’d assumed my reputation had preceded me. But you knew me from the future, didn’t you?”

Danu nodded.

“My mother sent me here when I was little to train with you,” she said. “I… wasn’t a very good student.”