HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 424

“Your mother?” Carmen asked.

Danu glanced at Magh.

“Wait, what?” Nila said. “Just how far did you go?”

“Thirty years,” Tommy said.

“Holy shit,” Nila said. “I want to hear everything.”

“Maybe a little later,” Josephine said. “We should probably figure out what we’re going to do with the kid first.”

“Yeah, about that,” Danu said. “Old Me never told me how to get back.”

Frederica turned to Carmen.

“Any ideas?”

“Time magic is notoriously unstable,” Carmen said, stepping forward. “I don’t even know where she would’ve learned such a spell.”

“She taught it to herself,” Josephine said.

“A predestination paradox,” Nila said. “That shouldn’t be possible. Every observed instance of time travel has resulted in alternate timelines.”

“Guys,” Melody said.

“Apparently magic works differently,” Josephine said. “That’s what Dee told us, anyway.”

“She’s right,” Carmen said. “The rules of magic are—”

“Guys!” Melody snapped.

Frederica turned to Melody, who was pointing at Danu. The green glow had returned, pulsing faintly in the middle of the girl’s chest. Danu looked down, then turned to Magh.

“Mom, what’s happening?”

“I… I….” Magh stammered.

“The spell must have backfired,” Carmen said. “It’s trapped in her body, and the energy is building up again.”

“What does that mean?” Danu asked.

“It’s trying to cast itself,” Carmen replied. “It’s like a feedback loop. The spell is going to keep repeating until it can work its way through your system. But you won’t be able to control when it happens or where it sends you.”

“How long is this going to last?” Danu said, panic edging into her voice.