HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 43

Frederica hesitated a moment, then looked into the girl’s eyes. She caught a glimpse of her daily life, studying emergency medicine while living at home with her parents and three younger brothers. Frederica’s bat wings disappeared and butterfly wings grew in their place. They came in the orange and black style of the monarch butterfly, unlike the brilliant blue of the girl’s wings.

“Pretty,” the girl said.

“Uh, thanks,” Frederica replied. “So… you want to be a paramedic?”

“Oh, um, yeah,” the girl said. “It’s kind of always been my dream, even when I was little. I joined this group to work on my speed and maneuverability so I can be more useful when I’m out in the field.”

“Wait, did you just read her mind?” Griffith said. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“You didn’t ask,” Frederica said.

“Have you been reading mine?”

“A little bit, yeah.”

“And you can still stand to be around him?” Karen asked, gliding down toward them.

“Of course she can,” Griffith said. “I’m awesome.”

“He’s alright,” Frederica said.

Griffith laughed and nudged Frederica with his elbow.

“You know, I actually have a task you might be able to help me with,” Karen said. “There’s a movie premiere happening tonight, going to be all sorts of celebrities in attendance. With your gift, you’d be perfectly equipped to go in and dig up some dirt, something nobody else knows about. If it’s juicy enough, I might even be able to get you on the front page.”

“Really?” Frederica asked.

“Circulation’s been down lately, so we could really use a big scoop to put us back on track,” Karen said. “I’ll hook you up with a press pass and a camera when we’re done up here. You can pretend to be a photographer while you’re doing your thing.”

“I’ll… I’ll do my best,” Frederica said.

Karen nodded and drifted off through the crowd. Frederica glanced at Griffith. He smiled.