HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 46

He dropped the subject, and they spent the next few hours diving into dungeons and fighting bosses. After he logged off, she kept playing for a while longer. At some point before dawn, she crawled into bed and passed out.


Frederica awoke to a faint knocking on her door. It was so quiet, she almost thought it was coming from somewhere down the hall. She sat up and waved her hand. The door opened by itself. Frederica yawned as Magh stepped inside.

“Did… did I wake you?”

“Kind of,” Frederica said. “What’s up?”

“We, um, made plans to work on my new article this morning,” Magh said.

“Shit, I forgot,” Frederica muttered, swinging her legs out of bed. “Sorry.”

Magh’s big eyes darted back toward the door.

“I can come back later if you want.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Frederica said. “Let’s see it.”

Magh reached into her bag and handed Frederica a printed manuscript. It was an interview with a man who used to run with a band of space pirates before meeting his husband and settling down on the colony world where Magh grew up.

Frederica paced the room as she read it, adding her own thoughts in the margins. Not that she had many to add; it was a truly excellent piece. Magh had gotten her subject to open up to her on a deeply personal level. If Frederica didn’t know any better, she’d have sworn Magh was a mind-reader, too. The fact that she wasn’t made Frederica all the more frustrated.

“What’s this?” Magh said.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed and holding Frederica’s notepad. Frederica snatched it from her hands and turned away.

“Nothing,” she said.

“Are you… working on a story?” Magh asked.

“I don’t know,” Frederica replied. “Maybe.”

“Do you want any help?” Magh said. “I could give you feedback or—”