HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 56

“You don’t know me as well as you think,” Frederica said.

“Then you were with someone.”

Frederica shrugged coyly.

“Boy or girl?”


“Oh,” Josephine said. “Boring.”

“He’s got wings,” Frederica said.

“Well, that’s kind of cool,” Josephine said. “So what about Tommy? Where’s he fit in all this?”

“He’s dating a friend of mine now,” Frederica said. “She’s an alien.”

“Huh,” Josephine said. “Sounds like you’re having a more interesting time here then I expected.”

“It has its moments,” Frederica said. “Not as many as Europe, though, I’m sure.”

Josephine chuckled.

“You would not believe the kinds of trouble I’ve gotten into over there,” she said. “I’ve only Facebooked the PG-rated stuff so Mom won’t make Angela yank me back home for good.”

“Probably a good idea,” Frederica said. “Where were you before now?”

“Berlin,” Josephine said. “And let me tell you: German girls know how to have fun.”

“I thought you were planning on hooking back up with Suzie Peterson when you got home,” Frederica said.

Josephine shrugged.

“I still might,” she said. “I just want to experience more of the world first. We’re barely out of high school. I’m nowhere near ready to settle down.”

“Fair enough, I guess,” Frederica said.

They reached Frederica’s floor and she led the way up the hall. The washroom door opened and Nila stepped out in a white tank top and flannel pants. She stared at Frederica and Josephine.

“Hey, Fred,” she said. “And, um, other Fred. I’m digging the new look. You going to keep it?”

“I’m considering it,” Josephine said. “I don’t think Fred could pull it off, though.”