HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 57

Nila blinked and cocked her head to one side. Frederica sighed.

“This is my sister,” she said. “Nila, meet Josephine.”

“Oh shit,” Nila said, turning to Josephine. “I just assumed Fred duplicated herself again. I’m really sorry; it seemed like the simplest explanation at the time.”

“I’m not sure I can accept that apology,” Josephine said. “But I’ll be staying here for a few days so you’ve got plenty of time to think of a way to make it up to me.”

Jo,” Frederica said. “Don’t be mean.”

“But that’s, like, my whole thing,” Josephine said, and glanced at Nila again. “I hope I’ll see more of you before I leave.”

“Uh, me too,” Nila said.

“Go on back to bed, Nila,” Frederica said. “Sorry we interrupted you.”

“No problem,” Nila said. “Catch you later.”

She headed back to her room, glancing back once before stepping inside.

“Jesus Christ,” Frederica said. “You couldn’t go two seconds without hitting on my friends?”

“I couldn’t help it,” Josephine said. “She was just too cute. I didn’t expect you to be running with such an interesting crowd. I thought you hated extroverts.”

“Some of them are okay,” Frederica said. “Mostly just her. And Griff. And, every once in a while, you.”

“Aw, love you too, Sis,” Josephine said. “So… your new guy’s name is Griff, then? What’s he like?”

“Well, he’s… funny, kind, passionate—”

“I’ll bet he is,” Josephine interjected.

“—about movies,” Frederica finished. “He’s a film student, works part time at an old movie house, volunteers for film festivals, that sort of thing.”

“Sounds like a total hipster,” Josephine said. “Clearly you’ve found your perfect match. You’re going to have so many little hipster babies together.”

Frederica rolled her eyes and said, “What does that even mean?”