HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 58

“It means I’m happy for you,” Josephine said. “You’ve always been so uptight. It’s nice to see you finally letting your hair down for a change.”

“I’m so glad you approve,” Frederica said. “So what do you want to do now? Should we get right to the movies or grab something to eat first?”

“Let’s start with the movies and play it by ear from there,” Josephine said. “We’re nineteen now so I feel like we should shake up the tradition a little. Maybe get your friends together and go out drinking. It’s about time you got a taste of that life.”

“Actually, Nila dragged me out to a club my first week here,” Frederica said. She shapeshifted into a middle-aged woman and added, “I snuck in.”

“I’m liking this Nila girl more and more by the minute,” Josephine said, hopping onto the bed.

“She’s been a good bad influence,” Frederica said.

She changed back to normal and grabbed her laptop from across the room. She sat up against the headboard next to Josephine. They scrolled through the horror selection on Netflix and queued up several that looked particularly bad.

Frederica clicked “PLAY”.


One found footage demon-possession movie and two slasher franchise reboots later, Frederica and Josephine emerged from the room with rumbling stomachs. Josephine nudged Frederica’s arm and nodded at Nila’s door. Frederica knocked. A moment later, Nila answered much more awake than before.

“We’re getting a bite to eat,” Frederica said. “You in?”

“Hell yeah,” Nila said. “I can’t wait to hear some embarrassing childhood stories.”

Frederica shot Josephine a glance.

“Don’t you dare,” she said.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Josephine said, then winked at Nila. “We’ll work something out.”

They headed downstairs and away from campus, to their usual diner. Frederica froze in the doorway. Off in the far corner, huddled around a cozy little booth, were Tommy and Magh.