HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 7

“You mean… in a plane or something?” Nila asked.

“No,” Frederica replied.

Nila leaned forward, elbows planted on the table, chin resting on her hands.

“What does it feel like?”

“It feels… liberating, I guess,” Frederica said. “It helps me clear my head when I’m overwhelmed with stress or whatever.”

“How high can you go?” Nila asked. “And how fast?”

“Why do I get the feeling I’m being analyzed?” Frederica said.

“Sorry, force of habit,” Nila said. “When I was little, I had a reputation for never knowing when to stop asking questions. So I apologize in advance if I get too fangirlish for comfort. I promise I’m not planning to dissect you or anything.”

“That’s exactly what I’d expect you to say if you were,” Frederica said. “I better not wake up one morning and find a kidney missing.”

“Nah,” Nila said. “I’d be more interested in your brain.”

“That’s… oddly flattering,” Frederica said.

Nila smirked and finished off the last of her fries. Then they paid their bills and left the restaurant, heading back toward campus. Halfway there, Frederica spotted a familiar silver car coming around the corner. Tommy’s car.

She shapeshifted without thinking, changing into one of the purple aliens from the diner. Tommy, a lanky boy with dark eyes and black hair styled in an undercut, sat behind the wheel of the car. He didn’t even realize she was there as he passed them by. Frederica waited until he disappeared around another corner before she turned back to normal.

“Was that the guy from before?” Nila asked.

“Yeah,” Frederica replied.

“He’s cute.”


They walked on and soon reached the stone steps of the dorm. Frederica hadn’t spoken in a while; she kept trying but she couldn’t get her mind off Tommy. Upstairs, she just stood in front of her door for a minute, staring at the knob.