HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 75

“Hey, she caught me off guard is all,” Josephine said.

“And continued catching you off guard for several hours?” Frederica asked.

“Whatever, like you’re not scared of her too,” Josephine replied.

Frederica chuckled.

“Jo, she was testing you,” she said. “Seeing how far she could push you before you snapped. She did the same thing to me when we first met.”

“And you didn’t think to warn me?”

“I thought about it,” Frederica said, “then I thought ‘What would Josephine do?’ So, really, it’s not me you should be angry with.”

Josephine opened her mouth to reply, then sighed.

“You know what? I’m too tired to even argue.”

“That’s a first,” Frederica said.

Josephine punched Frederica on the arm, and they both laughed. They crossed the campus again and climbed the stairs back to Frederica’s floor. Josephine leaned on Frederica’s side as they ascended.

“What do you feel like doing with the rest of our night?” Frederica asked.

“Honestly?” Josephine said. “I kind of just want to curl up with some movies.”

Frederica fished her keys out of her pocket.

“That can be arranged,” she said, then hesitated. “Why don’t we invite Nila?”

“Are you sure?” Josephine asked. “I thought you wanted a night with just the two of us.”

Frederica shrugged.

“There’s room for one more.”

Josephine smiled and said, “Then by all means….”

Frederica knocked on Nila’s door. She answered a minute later, and smiled.

“Oh, hey,” she said. “Thanks again for earlier.”

“No problem,” Frederica said. “Listen, we were wondering if you’d like to join us for a movie night.”