HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 83

“Wow,” Griffith said. “No offense, but that sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.”

Josephine laughed.

“That’s exactly what I’d expect a boyfriend of Fred’s to say.”

“I choose to take that as a compliment,” he said.

“You do you, buddy,” she replied. “Speaking of Angela, though, we should probably pick up the pace here so she can send me back to Germany before it gets too late.”

“What do you mean by ‘send you back’?” Griffith asked.

“Oh, this is the best part,” Josephine said.

She explained Angela’s portal powers to Griffith while they finished their meals. Afterwards, they settled their bills and stepped out into the cool evening air.

“Do you want a ride to Angela’s house?” Tommy asked Josephine.

“Nah,” Josephine replied. “I’m not big on prolonged goodbyes so I’m just going to take off on my own without looking back.”

She hugged Frederica, kissed Nila on the hand, and gave Griffith an “I’m watching you” gesture. Then she turned and walked away down the sidewalk.

“See you later, kiddos,” she said, and disappeared into a subway station.

The others stood in silence for a while, then Nila said, “Well, if she’s not going to take you up on that ride, I certainly will.”

“You’re welcome to it,” Tommy said. “You coming, Fred?”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll head off with Griff tonight,” Frederica replied, and glanced at Griffith. “If you’re not sick of me by now, that is.”

“Not even slightly,” Griffith said. “It was nice meeting all of you. I hope I get to hang out with you folks again sometime soon.”

“Count on it,” Nila replied. “Come on, let’s give them some privacy.”