HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 85

She put her phone away.

“On second thought, ignorance is bliss,” she said, and dove down toward the city.


In the morning, Frederica climbed out of bed and got dressed. She watched Griffith sleep for a while, his wings folded around his body. After a couple minutes, he yawned and blinked and looked up at her.

“Morning, sunshine,” he said. “Taking off?”

“Yeah, got a busy day ahead of me,” she said.

“Anything special?” he asked.

“Just school, mostly,” she replied. “Though there’s a city council meeting tonight and I was thinking I might swing by, do a little… research.”

Psychic research?” he asked, sitting up. “I thought you didn’t want to do that again.”

“Well, I think I may have been a little hasty on that,” she replied. “My problem last time was that I didn’t trust my instincts until it was almost too late. I’ll still be walking a fine line, but I won’t make that mistake a second time.”

Griffith smiled.

“I would wish you luck, but you clearly don’t need it.”

“Thanks,” she said, chuckling. “Anyways, gotta fly.”

She kissed him, turned, and stepped out the door.