HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 88

Frederica laughed and stepped into her room.

She froze.

A figure in black stood by the desk, wearing a ski mask and holding Frederica’s laptop. Frederica rushed forward, but the figure winked, waved, and sank through the floor. Frederica fell after them.

She spun in freefall, descending through three floors of dorm rooms before finally landing hard on concrete. She looked up and saw the thief running down the basement corridor, still clutching the computer. Frederica reached out to it telekinetically but the thief held too lightly. And then they were gone.

Frederica limped back up to the fourth floor and found Nila still standing in the hallway, visibly shaken. Nila rushed over to Frederica and looked her up and down.

“Are you alright?” Nila asked. “What the hell happened?”

“I got robbed is what happened,” Frederica replied, rubbing her knee. “I accidentally mimicked the thief’s power, but they still got away.”

“What do you think they’re after?” Nila asked.

“Same as everyone else, I imagine,” Frederica replied. “I wasn’t careless enough to keep anything sensitive on my laptop, but still, I didn’t expect them to pull something like this.”

“Damn,” Nila muttered. “Who knew municipal politics was so cutthroat?”

“Power is power, I guess,” Frederica said. “Hey, do you mind if I use your computer for a bit? I want to change my passwords before that asshole gets into my email or bank account.”

“Of course,” Nila said. “Mi computer es su computer.”

Frederica went through everything from Facebook to Netflix to Akkraemyth, locking down her entire online existence. Her offline files and web history were another matter, though she couldn’t think of much incriminating information the thief might find there, other than some slightly questionable smut.

She didn’t file a police report. No officers had been directly implicated in her story, but VCPD had its own history of corruption—famously exposed in a massive leak that went viral several years ago—so she didn’t want to risk of involving them.