HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 92

“The thief called me, just a minute ago,” she said. “They didn’t get what they wanted from my laptop so they… made some threats. I don’t know just how far they’re willing to take this. It might not be safe to be around me. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted to keep your distance.”

“Hey, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I bailed at a time like this?” he asked.

“A sensible one?” she replied.

“Too bad that’s not what you’ve got,” he said.

He smirked, and she smiled back.

“Could you two get a room?” Darren asked from outside Griffith’s wings.

“Nope,” Griffith replied, squeezing Frederica tight.

Frederica phased through Griffith’s arms and backed away, leaving him hugging himself. He stared down at his hands, then looked to her, astonished.

“New trick?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I learned it from….”

A lightbulb went off in her head. She closed her eyes, focusing on the memory of the thief’s eyes the moment she’d absorbed their power. She couldn’t get much out of such a brief connection, but a name began to form in her mind.


She smiled.


Frederica searched Facebook, Twitter, and every local listing she could find for any Victory City residents named Virginia. She also tried variations like “Ginny” and “Gina” and even “Ginger”. She scrolled through page after page but nothing seemed to match what little she knew about her thief. Most likely someone in that line of work would keep her digital footprint to a minimum, anyway.

Next she searched for private investigators and various other euphemisms for “extortionist”. But by the time she crawled into bed next to Griffith, she was no further ahead than she’d been hours ago. She lay there trying to pull more details out of her memory of the thief’s eyes, replaying the phone conversation over and over, and generally doing anything but sleeping.