HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 145

“Well, I’m pretty sure magic is how I got here,” she said. “I’m just not sure if it’s how I’ll get back.”

“Back where?”

“That’s… complicated,” she said. “Let’s just say that one does not simply walk there. I’m hoping to find a witch or a wizard who might be able to send me home. Do you know anyone like that?”

The man crossed his arms and glanced away.

“My sister,” he said. “She’s an enchantress.”

“Really?” Frederica said. “Do you think I could meet her?”

He sighed.

“She’s at work now,” he said, “but… very well. Follow me.”

He turned and pressed into the crowd. She rushed after him.

“I’m Fred, by the way,” she said.

He gave a little nod and said, “Teth.”

He led her deeper into the city, where the buildings were more rundown and the people were dressed more shabbily. The thought crossed her mind that she was heading into a trap, but she’d sensed honesty in his eyes so she wasn’t too worried. He ducked through the entrance of an cramped little shop and pulled back his hood.

His snow-white hair was pulled into a high ponytail, his grey skin was covered in a fine layer of fuzz, and his long ears came to a sharp point at the either side of his head. He watched her face expectantly, as if waiting for some reaction.

“You are definitely not from here,” he said. “Otherwise you would already be out the door.”

“Why?” she asked.

“My people are not well-regarded in this city,” he replied.

“Your people?”


“Wait, so you’re not aliens?” she asked. “Like, from outer space?”

He looked at her like she had three heads.

“Sorry,” she said. “Where I come from, people like you are—”