HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 226

They kissed one last time and Frederica flew home. The only housemate waiting up for her this time was Chip. He meowed lazily as she entered. She scooped him up and quietly slipped into her room.

The place was a bit of a mess, clothes strewn about the floor. She took a moment to tidy up before finally collapsing into bed with the cat purring in her arms.


The text came at quarter to one on Saturday. It read:

“On my way.”

“Cool, see you soon,” Frederica replied.

She put the finishing touches on the pizza and slid it into the preheated oven. Then she grabbed four plates on her way out of the kitchen. Angela poked her head over the back of the couch.

“Need any help there?” she asked.

“That’s okay,” Frederica said. “I’ve got this.”

She left the plates on the table and went back for glasses. When the table was completely set, the doorbell rang. Frederica froze in place, staring toward the foyer. Angela and Genesis stood from the couch and turned to Frederica.

“We can slip out the back door if you’d rather be alone,” Angela said.

Frederica shook her head and stepped into the foyer. She took a deep breath, exhaled, then opened the door. Melody stood on the front step in a fitted leather jacket and ripped jeans. Frederica ushered her inside and turned to Angela and Genesis.

“So… I’d like you guys to meet Melody,” Frederica said. “My… what are we calling this now?”

“Summer fling?” Melody suggested.

“Nah, ‘fling’ sounds too tawdry,” Frederica replied.

“But I like tawdry,” Melody said.

Frederica rolled her eyes.

Anyway,” she said, “this is my sister Angela and her wife Genesis.”

“It’s so good to finally meet you,” Melody said, shaking their hands. “I mean, I only heard about you a few days ago but still. This is exciting. I’m excited.”