HUMAN/SUPER Higher Learning 368

Marta nodded and walked away.

“So that was Genesis’s mom, eh?” Nila said.

“Yep,” Frederica replied.

“Damn,” Nila said. “Girl’s got good genes.”

Nila!” Frederica hissed.

“What?” Nila replied. “I’m not allowed to appreciate a hot older woman?”

“Not when she’s practically family,” Frederica said.

Your family, not mine,” Nila said with a wink.

Frederica cleared her throat.

“Anyway, let’s just check out this house,” she said.


Nestled in one of Victory City’s older neighborhoods, surrounded by a tangle of trees and overgrown grass, the Cameron Estate had seen better days. The house was Gothic Revival, all grey stone and rotting wood. It looked abandoned. Frederica had a bad feeling they were about to hit a dead end.

“So should we just sneak in, ghost-style?” Nila asked.

“Maybe we should try knocking first,” Sam suggested.

Nila sighed.

“Fine,” she said. “Let’s do this the boring way then.”

Frederica rolled her eyes and led the way down the narrow stone path to the front porch. She knocked three times.

“What if the guy doesn’t live here anymore?” Sam asked.

“What if he’s dead?” Nila added.

“We’ll deal with that if and when it comes to it,” Frederica replied. “For now let’s—”

The door opened. A robot stood on the other side. It appeared to be less advanced than the one they’d seen at Alois Electronics, more scuffed and dented, but it clearly hailed from the same lineage.

“Oh dang,” Nila said, looking the machine up and down.

A pixelated smile blinked to life on its smooth face.

“Hello!” it said in a synthesized voice. “How may I be of assistance?”

“Um, we’re looking for Mr. Cameron,” Frederica said. “Is he… home?”