1. Special Delivery: A courier with the power of flight seeks to deliver a package half a century overdue.

2. Flora and Fauna: A florist with control over plants must overcome her anxieties when a romance unexpectedly blooms.

3. Slow Burn: A pyrokinetic waiter who yearns to be a chef strikes out on his own when a disaster befalls his family.

4. Immigrant Song: A demolitions technician with a destructive voice discovers a new talent amid a stressful immigration process.

5. Action at a Distance: A telekinetic street cleaner attempts to reconnect with his troubled daughter.

6. Facsimile: A shapeshifting stuntman is caught between obligation and attraction in his love life.

7. Balance of Power: A wind farm manager with the weather at his command struggles to keep his plant operational as his retirement rapidly approaches.

8. Dollhouse: A shrinking exterminator begins a new life with her wife and discovers old secrets that could change everything.

9. Free Agent: A perpetual temp with ice powers searches for some stability in his life and career.

10. Through a Glass, Darkly: A medical examiner finds that her X-ray vision may not be enough to solve a series of mysterious deaths.

11. Spare Parts: A medical student with healing powers strives to balance her personal and professional lives in the midst of a workplace scandal.

12. Alter Ego: A super-strong transit worker finds his holiday plans complicated by the arrival of an estranged family member.

13. Above the Law: A winged window washer finds himself in over his head when he sees something he wasn’t supposed to see.

14. Versus: A network administrator with the power to control technology faces off against a hacker in the digital world she maintains.

15. Big Shoes to Fill: A size-shifting construction worker struggles to keep the peace as family members clash.

16. Hide and Seek : A pair of superpowered security guards must put aside their differences and work together.

17. Pipe Dreams: A better life seems just around the bend for a sewer worker with water powers, but nothing is ever so simple.

18. Wildfire: An auto mechanic with heat vision tries to put her life back together after a breakup.

19. Neither Here Nor There: A barista with the power of self-duplication finds himself leading a double life.

20. Sellout: An illusion-projecting event promoter comes to a crossroads between her career and her ideals.

21. Fools Rush In: A speedy stenographer gets more than he bargained for when he proposes to his girlfriend.

22. Generations: A super-strong teenager from out of town is stuck spending Christmas break at her grandmother’s hotel.

23. First Contact (Page 1): A power-absorbing shut-in struggles to come out of her shell.

24. Higher Learning (Page 1): A mind-reading journalism student adapts to life in a new town.